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EU Declaration of Conformity

  1. EN 149 EU Declaration of Conformity.pdf

  1. What happens to the latest EN149:2001 norms?
  2. How long can the old EN149:1991 respirators be sold?
  3. What is the advantage of the "Big Eye" design of SH9360V FFP3 respirator?
  4. How to verify the active carbon mask is genuine or fake?
  5. I am sure that I use the genuine active carbon mask, but the adsorption ability against organic vapors or bad odors is poor?
  6. Is the active carbon mask suitable for all working environments?
  7. Is it true that the mask is not effective against the finest particles?
  8. What are the common contaminants and hazards in working area?
  9. What is the respiratory illness?
  10. What is OEL/PEL/MAC/TLV for?
  11. What is the function of the exhalation valve on the mask?
  12. What is correct fitting method for SH2900 series fold-flat respirators?

  1. Safety notice for DM-1810 (NIOSH Approval No. TC-84A-1025) - June 28, 2010. 

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