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1.What happens to the latest EN149:2001 norms?
Since June 2001, the European Standard for particulate respirators has be changed from EN149:1991 to EN149:2001. The major change in EN149:2001 is that all particulate respirator will have to provide protection against solid (non-oil) and liquid (oil) aerosols. That is, the S (solid) class and SL (solid and liquid) class have been combined into three categories only - FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. Your selection will be easier because each respirator covers a wider range of applications.
San Huei obtained EN149:2001 through the notified body BSI (CE 0086) in July 2001 and the new products cover the full range of EN149:2001 - FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. It is our best intention to provide the up-to-date quality products for our customers.

How to identify if your respirator meets the latest EN149:2001 standard? All EN149:2001 certified respirators will bear the marking of EN149:2001 while the previously certified respirators will bear the marking of EN149 only.

OLD EN149:1991
TYPE Initial Penetration TYPE Initial Penetration
NaCl 95lpm% max. Paraffin Oil 95lpm% max.
FFP1S 20% N/A N/A
FFP2S 6% FFP2SL 2%
FFP3S 3% FFP3SL 1%
NEW EN149:2001
TYPE Initial Penetration
NaCl andParaffin Oil 95lpm% max.
FFP1 20%
FFP2 6%
FFP3 1%

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