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5.I am sure that I use the genuine active carbon mask, but the adsorption ability against organic vapors or bad odors is poor?

Usually, the charcoal pre-filter is proceeded by mixing charcoal and resin. So the charcoal can be fixed still on the polyester fiber with the glue of resin. However, the resin will close the pore of the surface of the charcoal. Then, the adsorption ability of charcoal will be decreased seriously.

San Huei utilizes the technology of protruding the melt-blown fibers to develop the resin-free ACMB (Active Carbon Melt-Blown). Our ACMB is to mix the charcoal particles with the melt-blown fibers. The charcoal particles have point contact with the melt-blown instead of the resin. Therefore, its adsorption ability will not be decreased by the resin. And we can load heavy-duty charcoal to achieve an excellent performance. The ACMB Comparison Test proves that our ACMB pre-filter can achieve 6~20 times better than other traditional charcoal pre-filter. Same technology has been used on our AAMB (Acid-resistant Active Carbon Melt-Blown) which can relieve the nuisance organic vapor (OV) and acid gas (AG) below OEL.

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