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8.What are the common contaminants and hazards in working area?

Damage to our lings is serious and often irreversible. Different working areas and practices expose us to a variety of hazards such as :

  • Dusts
    Silica and asbestos can damage lung tissue if they enter the lungs and settle there. When this happens, less tissue is in contact with blood vessels, so reducing the rate at which oxygen is absorbed making breathing more difficult.
  • Lead
    Substances such as lead produce systematic poisons which, when inhaled, enter the bloodstream and cause damage to other parts of the body, including the central nervous system.
  • Vapors
    Organic vapors entering the bloodstream have an anaesthetic-like effect on the brain and cause you feel dizzy, reducing co-ordination.

The following substances are examples of Respiratory Sensitizes :
-- Isocyanates.
-- Flour/Grain/Hay.
-- Some Glues and Resins.
-- Soldening Flux.
-- Laboratory Animals.
-- Wood Dusts.

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