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12.What is correct fitting method for SH2900 series fold-flat respirators?

SH2900 series fold-flat respirators are new to the market. Most of the customers are used to wear the traditional cone-type respirators. However, the benefits of fold-flat respirators such as easy storage, individually hygienic packed and excellent facial fit make them more popular day by day. Unfortunately, some of the customers can not get an excellent facial fit because they are not aware of the correct fitting method. Please refer to the following fitting instructions when you wear the fold-flat respirators, so you can get a satisfactory wearing experience.



Place fingers inside the respirator. Bend the nose clip around fingers to form nose shape.


Holding mask in position over nose and mouth, with retaining straps around back of hand. Pull lower portion of strap over head and fit around neck.


Stretch and pull the upper strap over your head on the back of your head above your ears.

[Do NOT just wear the upper strap or lower strap. Or the facial fit will be too loose.]



Using both hands, form nose clip around nose and adjust the tension in the upper and lower portions of the continuous loop head strap, to ensure a positive face seal.


To test fit for respirator without exhalation valve : Cup both hands over the respirator and exhale vigorously.

To test fit for respirator with exhalation valve : Cup both hands over the respirator and inhale sharply. A negative pressure should be felt inside respirator. If air flows around your nose, tighten the nosepiece. If air leaks around the edges, reposition the headband for better fit.


If you want to take off the fold-flat respirator temporarily, you can take off the upper strap and hang the respirator in front of your chest. No need to take off the respirator completely.



Change respirators immediately if breathing becomes difficult or respirator become damaged or distorted, or a proper face fit can not be maintained. Careful observance of these instructions is an important step in safe respirator of use.


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