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SH1750 series
_ SH2550 series
_ SH9550 series
_ SH2950 series
_ SH2952 series
_ SH3500 series
_ SH1500
_ SH5551
_ SH2650 series
EN 149:2001
+A1:2009 FFP1 NR
SH1710 series
_ SH2100 series
_ SH9100 series
_ SH2910 series
_ SH3100 series
SH4110 series
EN 149:2001
+A1:2009 FFP2 NR
SH1720 series
_ SH2200 series
_ SH9250 series
_ SH9260CV
_ SH2920 series
_ SH3200 series
SH4120 series
EN 149:2001
+A1:2009 FFP3 NR
_ SH2300 series
_ SH9360V
_ SH2930 series
_ SH3300V
_ SH605A
_ SH302R
_ SH306R

N99 disposable particulate respirators are approved with filtration 99% effective against particulate aerosols free of oils. R95 disposable particulate respirators are approved with filtration 95% effective against all particulate (oil & non-oil) aerosols. Conforms to NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 standard as N99/R95 class.
Recommended applications : petrochemical manufacturing, textile industry, craft work, iron and steel industry, mining, underground civil engineering and woodworking, hospital, laboratory, and disease control ...etc.

N99/R95 respirators can provide protection against particulate aerosols containing the following materials in oil and non oil environments such as : petrochemical aerosol, calcium carbonate, china clay, cement, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, flour, carbon, ferrous metals, hard wood, coal, iron ore, aluminum, silicon, bacteria and mycobacterium tuberculosis (T.B.).


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